Depression – Andrea

In 2011 I was suffering from a severe bout of depression and had also been experiencing difficulties with my digestive health. While searching the internet for a local psychotherapist I came across The Nutrition and Psychotherapy Clinic run by Louise Courtney.

Although I found the site through the links to Human Givens, I was encouraged to contact Louise because of the all encompassing approach she offers to mental and physical health. I contacted Louise and set up an initial meeting to discuss my situation.

From the first meeting I found Louise to be gentle and insightful. She listened to my story and subtly directed me in discussing the issues I was concerned with. She offered practical suggestions to me in terms of exploring and dealing with my mental state, and gave me sound advice on improving my physical health through diet and exercise.

I have met with Louise intermittently over the last 9 months, and as a result of the work I have done with Louise I believe I have come through the depressive episode I was experiencing, but more importantly I find myself at the other side with a wealth of interest in life far beyond what I imagined possible.

For me the key to Louise’s approach is her holistic approach to health and living. Her supportive and encouraging nature helped me take the first tentative steps into a new life, and onwards to new levels of understanding and experience. She has helped me to, find balance in my life, to care for my own health and wellbeing, to derive an interest and passion in the world around me that was lost to me, and throughout she has remained there in the background to listen, support, encourage, and care.

For me Louise has become more than a therapist, I count myself honoured to have such a special person be a part of my life. I am truly grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for me. Thanks Louise x

Sarah – Panic Attacks

I have found Louise Courtney to be a practical and solution-focussed  therapist.  I have revisted her as a client and have always found her advice,therapy and suggestions extremely useful. Her nutritional advice is second to none and her relaxation skills are excellent.

She combines her many talents in her therapy to focus on the clients immediate needs and she offers practical responses.

Louise continues to update her therapy skills and this is evident in her work. Her empathy towards people is however the strongest skill she brings to the fore and I have recommended her to many friends over the years.


Michelle – Stop Smoking

I went to Louise nearly 2 years ago to give up smoking. I had tried everything before to quit but nothing seemed to work. One session with Louise and I have not smoked since. Amazing result! I can’t thank her enough and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to stop smoking. – Michelle

Duncan – Stop Smoking

I would just like to thank Louise for all the help she give me to juit smoking. Her session was very interesting but most importantly it worked. I am very happy to say that I am now an ex-smoker. Thanks again Louise. – Duncan

Audrey – Anxiety

Many thank’s for your recent help and advice in dealing with our son. It was such a comfort to both of us and him that you were there when needed. You were spot on with your diagnosis and since following your advice and technique’s, he is back to his “old self”. He found talking to you very comforting and reassuring. To us as parent’s it is great to know, that you are there if needed.

Many thank’s again.
From his grateful parent’s-

Gillian – Cockroach Phobia

I have been literally terrified every year I go on holiday to Tenerife that I will encounter a cockroach. I know intellectually they cant harm me but that doesn’t stop the worry, panic and anxiety. I rang Louise the day before my last flight and as there was no time to visit she did a session with me over the phone. It worked! I had a wonderful holiday and I even saw a cockroach – not a bother. Amazing. Thanks.