Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and is used as part of Human Givens therapy. Gone are the days when Hypnotherapy was shrouded in mystery and fear. Hypnotherapy is simply a guided state of deep relaxation – a bit like dreaming – where new learning and behaviours can be rehearsed in a safe environment.
It can be described as a very focussed state of attention.

In fact we all fall into a trance state many times a day simply by focusing on something to the exclusion of the surrounding environment. It is thought that Visualisation actually lays down new neural pathways in the brain making it easier to make the required changes in real life.

For example, the more you visualise that perfect golf swing in your mind the more likely you will be able to achieve it on the golf course! Or the more you imagine staying calm in that important exam the easier it will be! Hypnotherapy relies on the principle of – the more you focus on something the more likely it will be to come about. I can teach you how to use self hypnosis too.

During a session you will remain fully conscious and aware but you will feel very relaxed. You will not feel weird or strange. You will still be aware of everything around you and you will hear everything that is said. You can open your eyes if you wish at any stage during the process.

You will also be taught how to relax and visualise at home so you can use this powerful technique to help you reinforce your goals at home.

Hypnotherapy is not a ‘therapy’ it is a tool to deliver therapy and can help;

  1. Anxiety and panic attacks
  2. Insomnia
  3.  Phobias
  4. Trauma/PTSD
  5. Stress
  6. Exam stress
  7. Fear of public speaking
  8. Interview panic
  9. Quitting smoking/addictions
  10. Sporting success
  11. Low self confidence
  12. Mind/Body healing
  13. Pain Management
  14. Dental Phobias
  15. Fear of Flying