Human Givens Psychotherapy

The Human Givens approach is a unique way of helping people suffering from mental distress. It recognises that in order to be mentally healthy we all have basic emotional needs that must be met in balance. These needs are a ‘Given’ – hence the term Human Givens. These needs include:

  • Physical Needs – Food, shelter, sleep.
  • Emotional needs which include the need for…
  • Security, Attention, Sense of Autonomy and Control…
  • Emotional Intimacy, Privacy, Sense of status…
  • Sense of competence, Meaning and Purpose.
  • We are also born with the means or the resources we need to get our needs met. These resources include memory, imagination, problem solving abilities, self awareness and a variety of thinking styles.
  • When our needs are not being met because for example because we are being bullied at home or at work (the need for security and control is not being met..). Or our resources are not being used correctly, for example when we ‘mis-use our imagination’ (by imagining the worse case scenario…),  we can suffer from considerable mental distress ranging from anxiety, panic attacks, to depression and anger … to relationship difficulties.
  • As a Human Givens therapist we focus on identifying what needs in your life are not being met or what resources are not being used appropriately in order to help you resolve these difficulties. While we listen with great care and attention to your story it is not necessary to spend long hours delving into the past and churning up negative feelings, rather we focus on what it is you want in the here and now and how you can go about achieving your goals.




Human Givens therapy can be regarded as a “Brief Solution Focused Therapy” designed to get you feeling better quickly! Generally, as Human Givens research shows, most people will be feeling better after an average of four sessions. Some conditions however, may take longer.

The Human Givens approach utilizes methods of treatment which take into account the way our brains work and scientific studies which show which psychological treatments will work most effectively. We use a wide range of techniques from CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), relaxation techniques, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), guided imagery, goal planning, , focusing, metaphor & story telling, life coaching and so on as well as the highly effective REWIND technique for Trauma and Phobias. All these psychological tools have been tested and shown to be the most effective way to help people in distress. As a Human Givens Therapist we are trained in all of these techniques and we are required to keep up to date with new concepts and ideas regularly. I specialise in helping people with Insomnia.

Human Givens Psychotherapy – FEEL BETTER TODAY

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Conditions Treated


Through our understanding of the cycle of depression and its link to excessive dreaming and anxiety we can help clients make improvements quickly – often from the first session. We understand that depression is strongly linked to anxiety and excessive rumination and that this disturbs the sleep cycle. We help clients learn to manage their anxiety, reduce rumination, sleep better, plan to achieve their goals and so on. You will also receive advice on how to improve your mood through diet and lifestyle changes.

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Phobias, traumatic memories and post traumatic stress (PTSD)

Many people suffer for years with debilitating phobias and or traumatic memories. However the REWIND technique can help eliminate phobias, traumatic memories and PTSD very quickly and effectively. This may seem surprising because it used to be thought that it takes years of counselling to recover from a phobia or a trauma. This simply is not true and the Human Givens Institute have research to show that people can recover much more quickly than previously thought. You can read all about the Human Givens approach below.

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Anxiety/Stress and Panic Attacks

Anxiety, stress and Panic attacks are very common problems and can be very debilitating. However, the Human Givens approach is very effective in helping resolve these problems quickly. You will understand how your anxiety is caused in your brain and learn very effective methods to deal with it often in the first session. Our goal in therapy is to empower you and give you useful tools that you can use for the rest of your life to manage your fears and anxieties.

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Addictions can be stopped if you have a genuine willingness to beat them. Human Givens therapy can help give you the motivation and skills to beat most addictions from smoking, overeating to alcohol. Nutritional Therapy is also very useful when trying to stop an addiction as it can be used to help reduce cravings. If you are considering giving up a dangerous habit do it now!

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Anger is a highly aroused state which gets the body ready to respond by either ‘fighting or running away’. This is known as the fight or flight response. Unfortunately, uncontrolled anger in today’s society can lead to a lot of trouble. With Human Givens Therapy you can learn to take control of your anger by educating you on how angry feelings are generated and teaching you how to recognise the feelings and control them before your harm yourself or someone else.

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Sleep disorders

“Psychotherapy should not be ‘painful’ and should be completed as quickly as possible to get you back on your feet in the shortest possible time”.

The Human Given’s Institute

Sleep disorders and disturbances cause a lot of misery. However, a great deal can be done to help you get a restful nights sleep by learning sleep hygiene techniques and relaxation methods. In this case a review or your Nutrition can also provide important clues regarding whey you might be tossing and turning at night. I have a special interest in helping people with Insomnia having suffered in the past from this condition. So I really understand how stressful it can be! I use hypnosis, nutrition and light therapy to ameliorate poor sleep.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a distressing disorder where people have uncontrollable urges or unreasonable obsessions. OCD is really a means of reducing stress and it can be helped with Human Givens Therapy by identifying what stressors are contributing to the problem and how to manage these stressors in your life.

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Chronic Pain and Medical Conditions

Chronic pain can be debilitating and often requires strong pain medication which unfortunately sometimes doesn’t work. However, there are usefull psychological tools that can be used to assist you better in coping. Whilst all unknown causes of pain must be investigated by a medical doctor, ongoing conditions that have already been diagnosed can be helped with Human Givens therapy including relaxation techniques, guided imagery, visualisations and so on. Dietary factors can also help considerably in some cases.